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WaterAid’s projects using low cost, appropriate technology are very cost effective. If you would like to see examples of what WaterAid could buy with your donation, then a list of cost examples from our project work in Africa and Asia is below:

  • 10p-50p pays for a bar of soap in Madagascar

  • £1 pays for a bucket and a rope in Mozambique

  • £3 provides the tools for a village handpump caretaker in India

  • £5 pays for one bag of cement to make a latrine slab in Ghana

  • £10 pays for enough cement for two ecological sanitation latrines in Zambia

  • £15 pays for the tools needed to construct a hand-dug well in Malawi

  • £20 pays for six meters of two inch plastic pipe in Tanzania

  • £25 pays for two weeks salary for a District Health Worker in Uganda

  • £30 pays for the stones to construct one hand-dug well in Ghana

  • £42 pays for a bicycle used by a health worker in India

  • £50 pays for a mason to help build a well in Tanzania

  • £60 pays for a set of materials to equip a hygiene educator in Bangladesh

  • £77 pays for a hygiene debate between schools, for 12 pupils in Nigeria

  • £90 pays for a safe rope ladder for well digging in Ghana

  • £100 will train two water technicians to maintain a well in a Tanzanian village

  • £125 will pay for the construction of six improved latrines in Zambia

  • £150 buys a locally-manufactured handpump to serve 100 to 150 people in Madagascar

  • £210 pays for a shallow well handpump which will be used by 90 people in a rural community in Malawi

  • £225 buys the cement needed to construct a well to serve up to 300 people in Madagascar

  • £270 pays for a reservoir tank in a Bangladeshi slum community to store water

  • £350 pays for a school sanitation block for 150 boys and girls in India

  • £460 pays for two public water points to serve 500 people in Ethiopia

  • £600 pays to train 200 handpump caretakers in India

  • £1000 pays the complete costs of building a 15 metre well, including a £500 Nira handpump, to benefit 500 people in Tanzania

  • £1500 pays to install a well in the south of Madagascar used by 500 people

  • £3000 pays for a pump engine serving 5000 people in Tanzania

  • £4000 pays for hygiene and sanitation training benefiting 1000 people in Tanzania

  • £5000 pays to site and drill a borehole for 500 people in Ghana

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Photo credits: WaterAid/Alex Macro, WaterAid/Caroline Penn, WaterAid/Jim Holmes, WaterAid/Jon Spaull, Brent Stirton, WaterAid/Somesh, WaterAid/Daniel O’Leary