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Payroll giving is one of the most tax-effective ways of donating to charity, particularly as the government will add 10% to all donations. If your company is registered with a payroll giving agency, you can support any charity you like, and change your level or number of donations whenever you like.  The table below shows how far a donation can go, and your company may even match your contributions:

The donation from payroll

Value of donation to WaterAid
(at basic rate tax)
Value of donation to WaterAid
(at higher rate tax)

And you can add the 10% government supplement to these, meaning at basic rate tax a £10 donation would actually give £14.10 to WaterAid!

WaterAid can help you set up a payroll giving scheme, the paperwork really is simple, or organise a promotional campaign within your company.

For more information on payroll giving to WaterAid, please call the Corporate Team on 020 7793 4500 or email corporate@wateraid.org.