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It costs WaterAid just $25 to provide someone living in Africa and Asia with clean, safe water, effective sanitation, hygiene education and a better quality of life. So if you would like to help WaterAid achieve its vision of a world where everyone has access to safe water and sanitation then please support our work today. There are many ways that you can contribute.
Donate today Regular gifts
/images/cm_images/minipix/Moz2_130a.jpgIf you would like to make a gift to WaterAid today, then please click through to make a donation online through our secure server.
Latest NewsTo support WaterAid’s work by making a regular donation then please click here . You can make a regular gift through your credit card through our secure server.
Corporate Giving
/images/cm_images/minipix/et18_96.gifYou will find information here about how businesses can support WaterAid, whilst also benefiting in a number of ways. There are details on how to get involved as a corporate entity, as well as an employee. Click here to find out how your company can get involved.
/images/cm_images/minipix/et16_78.gifIf you would like more information on making a bequest to WaterAid in your Will please email inquires@wateraid.org.
Cellphone Recycling Scheme
WaterAid works in partnership with trusts and foundations in order to provide access to safe water, sanitation and hygiene education to millions of people in Africa and Asia. Find out how Foundations can support WaterAid's work
Child pumping water from a wellWaterAid's successful Cellphone Recycling Scheme can help you dispose of your old phone whilst benefiting both the environment and those in the developing world without access to clean water and sanitation.