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WaterAid relies on the dedicated support of a wide range of organisations and community groups who contribute to WaterAid and help to save lives.  If you already belong to an organisation and wish to see what they have been doing to help WaterAid then scroll down and have a look.

Or, if you want to help WaterAid but are simply stuck for ideas then have a look around the site to find out more about how some community groups are helping WaterAid to bring safe water to some of the world’s poorest people.

WaterAid publishes a bi-annual fundraising newsletter, On Tap, which contains forthcoming events, ideas and  reports from our fundraising around the UK.  Click here to read the latest edition.

At WaterAid we are always delighted to hear about new groups or new ideas so if you are keen to get involved drop us a line at community@wateraid.org

It can cost as little as $25 to provide a person with safe water, adequate sanitation and knowledge of good hygiene practices, so every little bit helps and can make a real difference to someone’s future.  What’s more we are always willing to help you set up a fund-raising event and we have lots of useful tips, advice and resources to help your event make a real splash.  To find out more visit our fundraising resources or have a look at how the groups below are helping WaterAid.

Finally, and perhaps most importantly it is worth remembering that not only do community groups help to raise vital funds for WaterAid they also manage to have a lot of fun doing so.

  • Amateur dramatics societies    - if your society is interested in putting on a performance for WaterAid find out how we can help.

  • Choirs why not ‘Sing for Water’  - find out more about how choirs are helping WaterAid’s work.

  • Faith groups  - every year hundreds of churches raise thousands of pounds for WaterAid, in particular through our Church Harvest Appeal.

  • Scouting  - Young people especially girls are often the first to suffer from a lack of access to water.  Find out more about how young people around the world are helping young people in the developing world.

  • Inner Wheel Clubs   - have a long established relationship with WaterAid and this year are supporting projects in Tanzania.

  • Lions Clubs  - up and down the country make a vital contribution to WaterAid’s work every year and this year are supporting projects in Malawi.  Find out how your club can help.

  • Students  - from duck races to parades students throughout the world are helping WaterAid.  If your RAG society would like to get involved click here.

  • Rotary Clubs  - WaterAid enjoys long standing relationship with Rotary International in Great Britain & Ireland and looks forward to hearing from your club.  Find out more about how clubs are supporting WaterAid’s work in Tanzania.

  • Schools - every year thousands of school children help WaterAid in numerous ways, including the annual Buckets of Water Appeal.

  • Soroptimists - In the UK have been supporting WaterAid for a number of years. If your group is interested in finding out more about WaterAid click here.

  • Other Community/ Local Groups - WaterAid benefits from the support of a number of one-off and long standing local groups and trusts.